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Education is important for everyone (1692 hits)

Well, we keep saying that education is important, but if someone comes up to us and asks us why education is important, we might simply have a blank expression on our face and do nothing but ask that person to come back later because even though we know the importance of education, we cannot express it in words. So, this post will help you fill the empty conversation with a couple of important inputs that can please the other person. 1. Societal embarrassment can be avoided Well, we all know that even if you do not want to study, that mark sheet with ‘pass’ stamped on it will matter. With that stamp, you might find people called you educated, and that is what the degree can do for you. It can help you earn and maintain respect in the society. With those who have not been lucky enough to be educated, people might respect them for their knowledge and skill, but sometime or the other; they will still say that the person is uneducated. So, if you want to avoid societal embarrassment, you should be educated. 2. Avoid falling prey to superstitions There are so many superstitions and people around us will believe in it if they have not been educated. With proper education, we will understand that the superstitions are baseless and instead of following the masses, one should understand the reason behind it. If you can understand the actual reason because of which the same has been said, you will not regret any decision made in the past. So, it is important to get proper education and understand the reason behind the superstitions, instead of blindly following the tradition. 3. Exploring the world With proper education, you will know that the world is a big place, and you have the opportunity to explore the world and choose a spot you love. Without education, you would want to stick to a particular location and stay in there all the time because there are people who might tell you that the outside world is cruel, and you would have no option but to believe him. This means that you would not willingly want to stay in a particular location, but because you are misguided and forced to stay in a particular location for life. 4. Choosing a job you want If the family tradition talks about pottery, your elders would want you to learn pottery and make a life out of the family business. This happens in backward areas where people are not educated. However, with proper education, there is an opportunity to explore different job opportunity and make a living out of it. At the same time, we would like to say that learning pottery (in this case) is good, and one should learn it so that your roots stay firm, and your elders will be happy that you know about pottery. 5. Money Well, it is a known fact, and no one in this world would deny that living a legal and luxurious life is easy only if you are educated. With this, we are not saying that you should spend all your money on the luxuries, but there are areas in this world where being able to get water is a luxury and even enjoying a proper meal is a luxury. So, money is important, and you can get it legally and in an easier way if you are educated. A less known fact is that you can even save more money for your future if you are educated. For example, if you are planning to buy something, an uneducated person might choose to buy it from an expensive store down the lane assuming that there is no other option. However, with proper education, it is possible that one might look for online stores like Target.com and look for exclusive deals available at the store. This means that if you shop for something at Target.com, you will be able to find the same product at a discount. With exclusive discount offers, you will even manage to get an even better deal. So, look for discount offers available at and enjoy the benefits. For an additional discount, you can even look for coupons. Coupons are available for most of the products available at Target.com. So, simply look for Target.com discount coupons and enjoy the discount offers. Note: We are not saying that the uneducated will have no knowledge about coupons. However, the possibility is high in case of educated persons. 6. Looking further To look further and accept better things in life is easier if you are educated. This is because an educated person is taught that there are things in this world that are essentially made to ease the workload of humans. With that advantage, it is easier for people to make it a point to look further and make your life better. 7. Nation’s economic growth With education being promoted, you will notice that people will opt for growth, and the same will help the nation’s economic growth. This is an important point because, without proper knowledge of the bargain, one might throw offers to the other country’s foreign minister that might simply please them and force the giver country to make a loss. So, if not for your only selfish needs, you should be educated for your country’s economic growth. 8. Living a happy, independent life This is the bitter truth but if you want to live a happy and independent life, education is important; otherwise you will be dependent on others for something or the other and feel the pinch when others are not around to help you. So, think about education and be positive about your approach towards education. Education is important, and if you ignore education, you will close many doors that can lead to success. So, it is advisable to be positive and have a positive approach when we talk about education and even motivate others to educate themselves and their children.
Posted By: Donald Aaron
Thursday, October 8th 2015 at 4:24AM
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