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Installing Solar Panels (954 hits)

For the environmentally-concerned individual, solar panels are a great solution to combat global warming and carbon dioxide emissions. Solar panels utilize semiconductor layers to convert photons into usable electricity, and thanks to recent advances in technology, the panels are more efficient than ever before. Each panel consists of a set of photovoltaic cells and when used on a home, collects and stores energy for use and nighttime power consumption.
With any solar panel installation, the first step is to position it for maximum sunlight reception. This means having it face the south in the northern hemisphere and vice versa. In addition, try to place the unit directly under the noontime sun.

Always remove any obstructions when performing a solar panel installation. If the obstruction happens to be a tree on your property, remove limbs to clear a path for the light. If the obstruction is out of your control, the only option is to move the panel array.

The biggest factor in a solar panel installation is the mounting. Currently, three types of solar panel mounting hardware are available, and vary depending on the object the panels are placed on and the specifications of the panels themselves.

The first is known as a roof-ground mount. These are used for larger panel systems or for systems away from the city power grid. These are constructed from a grid of supports, and for this reason they tend to be ugly. In all cases, consult with the neighborhood or development director to attempt this type of installation. These units can tilt, allowing for more power production, but they can also be more expensive than a flush mount.

Flush mounts are appliances used for attaching solar panels to roofs and RVs, but they are limited to small systems only. These brackets are unable to support big arrays, and only provide a minimum clearance between two and four inches. This may be adequate for some units, but proper airflow is invaluable for a solar panel system. If the panels overheat, then the operating lifespan is significantly reduced.

Pole mounts are the last variation, but basically consist of a metal rail/rack unit that attaches to the panel. This rail/rack device is then secured to a large pole. The main problem with these units is the weight, so machinery may be required to properly seat the panel array. However, these mounts are the most efficient because they can track the sun throughout the day for maximum light absorption.

For more info regarding solar panels and how to install them, check out : http://dycelectric.com/
Posted By: Sonia Strickland
Sunday, December 11th 2016 at 11:59PM
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